After 16 years in business, we reinvented and relaunched our business model to better serve our valued customers. We have opened our Commercial Ghost Kitchen to continue our services. We are delighted to offer our high-quality, smartly priced lunch offerings that you've known to love in the past.

Our menu selections will include two all-time favorite rotating sandwich specials and one of our very popular composed salads. Also, take the guesswork out of your cost. Our pricing is consistent on ALL sandwich & salad items. All sandwich specials are $8.75 and served with our housemade potato chips. Composed salads are one size (1.25-1.50 lbs) and one price $8.75 served with pita bread. We also feature our delicious Chicken Soup and Chicken Chili a 16oz. container for $4.50. All taxes included.

To better serve all, we will offer a SINGLE, DAILY FREE delivery to the Galleria. Delivery services will be begin at 11:00am, starting in the 300 building and finishing in the 400 building shortly thereafter. Please, NO tips accepted.

Order online, pay online. By pre-ordering (preferably 24hrs in advance) you help us to better manage our inventory and mitigate loss allowing us to keep prices reasonable and consistent. We will happily prepare your order for next day deliver and will post weekly menu specials in advance for your planning ease.

We are SUPER excited to seeing all of you and will do our best to satisfy your lunch needs!!!

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